Denver's Only Cat Boarding Kennel Offering Indoor-Outdoor Suites.


My family and I moved here from Florida 10 years ago. At the time we had three cats who we cared very much about. When it came time for our first vacation, we were concerned about who to leave them with while we were away. Fortunately, a friend told us about the Cat Spa. We went to check it out and found even more than we could have hoped for. It was obvious that the cats were well cared for. They were well fed, had plenty of room and even had the ability to safely go outside. All the cats looked healthy and very much "at home" in their Cat Spa environment. What was even more obvious to us, however, was that the two wonderful ladies who own the spa and care daily for the cats treated these cats like they were their own. They knew each cat's name, their special needs and showed the cats the love an owner wants to see. They are fine with special diets, medications, personality quirks and anything else that makes each cat special. When we leave our cats at the Cat Spa, we always know they'll be taken care. While we may miss them, we know we  don't need to worry about them. That says a lot.
David Jess

Donna has been my cat lady for over 15 years.  The facility is always clean and the individual cat rooms are wonderful.  Inside each cat room are multiple levels, this way the sleeping area, food , water bowls and cat boxes are all on separate levels. (no eating next to the cat box)  Attached to each cat room is a secured wired outdoor play area with tree limbs for hanging out.  

All in all this is a great set up for any cat that has to be away from home.  My cat Barney is very happy here and I don’t have to worry about this well-being while on vacation.  They treat him like a king.

Happy customer in Broomfield

Leah Sievert

Our cat Lucia has been a patron of the Cat Spa for over 12 years. She enjoys having the gentle and caring treatment that Donna and Heather provide for her when boarding there. One of the best
features is the “condo” living quarters. Each cat is provided enough space with the option of going outside for fresh air, all the while in a safe environment.
Cleanliness is #1 at the Cat Spa. There is never any “odor” that many cat kennels tend to have when
boarding cats. You can be assured that your pet will receive excellent care.

Jill & Rob Lucas
Golden, CO