Denver's Only Cat Boarding Kennel Offering Indoor-Outdoor Suites.


Cat Boarding Preparation The Cat Spa Kennel Denver CO

To keep your cats stress to a minimum, we advise you to keep your cat from seeing you pack. It will also help both of you to make a separate relaxed trip to our facility when you bring your cat for boarding instead of rushing on your way. A good suggestion would be to bring your cat the day before you leave.


We accept pets that are receiving medications.  Please bring the instruction clearly on an index card that can be kept with the meds.  The medications must be in the original bottle or container.

Bedding and Toys:

The Cat Spa provides padded bedding for all of our boarders while they are with us.  You are encouraged to bring something that smells like home, such as a tee-shirt, towel, etc.  You may bring in your pet's bed if it fits on a 1.5' X 2.5' shelf.  You are encouraged to bring in a few favorite toys.


We feed Authority Dry Premium Cat Food as well as Friskies canned food. The cost of which is included in your daily cat boarding fees. If you prefer to bring your cats own food from home, please bring it in a sealed Tupperware container labeled with your cat's name. Be sure to bring a sufficient amount for your cat's stay. Please note there is a $1.oo discount for bringing your own food.

Check In:

To ensure the best transition for your cat we suggest that owners wait up front in the office while our staff takes your cat to their suite. Cats seem to settle in better if they don't see that you are leaving them.

Check Out:

Cats remember big event's. For the benefit of your cat's next visit we suggest that you play down the big reunion.