Denver's Only Cat Boarding Kennel Offering Indoor-Outdoor Suites.


Cat Boarding Services The Cat Spa Kennel Denver CO

The Cat Spa has a unique Boarding model:  spaceous indoor/outdoor cat-only suites. Our guests enjoy fresh air and bird watching outside for no extra fees. We are quite different from the dormitory kennels which hold 40, 60, or more cats in small cages or runs. With such a small number of spacious suites, each guest at The Cat Spa is assured a comfortable and exciting stay. We are proud that The Cat Spa is a small, cat-only, most personable Boarding facility in the Denver Metro area.

Each guest has its own private two story suite!

The Cat Spa offers all ammenities for one fixed price.*

  • Board for single nights or for extended periods.
  • Pets return to their suites at night tired, satisfied, and ready to rest well.
  • Each pet receives hands-on attention and affection.
  • Exercise, socialization, and interaction all day.
  • Guests are encouraged to bring their favorite bedding, blankets, toys, and food.
  • Double "townhomes" are available for families of 2, 3, or more cats to share and stay together.
  • We accept cats that are receiving medications with detailed instructions.

Boarding Requirements

All pets must have current shots, including rabies and FVRCP. Cats must be neutered or spayed at the appropriate age. New pets will be individually evaluated and introduced slowly into the community. Ill pets will not be accepted.

Check our Boarding Preparation page for tips and important information on how to prepare your cat for a stress free drop-off . Go to our Contact Us page for information on how to make a reservation.

For detailed pricing visit our Hours and Prices page.