Denver's Only Cat Boarding Kennel Offering Indoor-Outdoor Suites.


About us

Our Mission Statement
The Cat Spa Kennel is the only indoor/outdoor cat-only kennel in the Denver Metro area. We, like you, LOVE CATS and is our purpose to provide the best stay in town for your furry friends. Our groomings sessions are carefully prepared... More.
Bob and Jan
The Cat Spa Kennel was founded by Bob and Jan Christensen in 1985. The Cat Spa employs the most experienced and talented groomers and cat caregivers in the Denver Metro. Each of our cat specialists have ample experience in professional grooming. The difference between other places and The Cat Spa is that we specialize on cats only, providing them with better care and a comfortable stay.
Manager & Cat Care Specialist
Amanda is our resident cat specialist.  She has established and maintained a practice centered on all breeds of cats to keep them clean and mat-free. Grooming a cat can be very stressful for your pet. Amanda is very gentle and affectionate; therefore, older and special cats do particularly well in her care.

Vet Tech & Cat Care Specialist
Pauline brings a vast amount knowledge and expertise to The Cat Spa Kennel. Her gentle nature is also a great asset in cat grooming and cat care.

We specialize in all breeds of cats and treat them with the care and love that the kittens need.